Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! It's raining here right now but that's ok...I love listening to the rain while I stitch which is exactly what I plan to do most of today. I guess my garden will just have to wait a little longer for my attention :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine if you're lucky enough to have some!



GailinVirginia said...

Happy Spring wishes to you, too:) I, like you, am happiest on a rainy day...since I was small they called me a "rainy day little lady" you also love hearing it rain and try to hold off sleep lol, I do:)
What is your current working project? I am finishing Sampler Girls Over the River and Through the Woods little orni the simplicity of it.
Take care,

The Humble Stitcher said...

Oh yes....I love the rain and stay up as long as I can just so I can hear it coming down. I think tonight is going to be one of those kind of nights (yippee!) because it's been raining all day with no sign of letting up. Ask me tomorrow if it was worth staying up to listen!
I'm actually trying to finish up the dress for the Gail Wilson doll I've been working on. I am sewing everything by hand so it's taking a bit longer than usual but I enjoy the process so much more when no sewing machine is involved. My little girl is almost done and so far, I really like how she is turning out.
Will you be posting a photo of your little pillow? It sounds enchanting!