Monday, April 11, 2016

Humble Cupboard Spammer

It has recently come to my attention that a spammer has taken over an old blog of mine. If any of you followed The Humble Cupboard, please accept my apology for any unwanted posts you might be seeing. I deleted this blog exactly as Blogger instructed me to but apparently that was not enough, There doesn't seem to be much I can do about it at this point so if any of you have any suggestions, I would be extremely appreciative. If you still follow The Humble Cupboard, please unsubscribe as this is no longer a legitimate blog.

Again, please accept my apologies and thank you for your understanding,

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome April

Springtime is in full bloom here in California and everything looks so pretty.  I love this time of year so decided to design a little pattern with blossoms in it.

"Friends" is the result...I hope you like it! The pattern is available in my Etsy shop if you'd like to stitch one for yourself or for a special friend.

Wishing you all a happy April and warm spring days ahead,

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter filled with peaceful blessings.

Happy Easter!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Easter Sampler

I am excited to share with you my latest design for spring. It is called "Easter Sampler" and is actually based on a little pinkeep I designed back in 2012. I just added to it a bit and changed the colors...hope you like it! The pattern is now available in my Etsy shop for those of you who like to stitch.

Spring is just around the corner but I think it has arrived a little early here in Southern California. My bulbs are already blooming, my nectarine tree is loaded with blossoms, and the weather has been very warm all week. I'm not quite ready for things to warm up just yet but guess this one is out of my control!!!

Happy stitching!