Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Carte De Visite From My Civil War Soldier

I know that many of you enjoyed the three "My Civil War Solider" posts I did back in May of 2011 as they are still my most popular posts to date. I thought you might like to see the carte de visite (French for calling card) that my son recently posed for while he was in Gettysburg, PA. The photographic process used in this photo was the same process used for photographs made during the American Civil War...I think the result is striking!  Of course you could never tell from his face, but Zach actually enjoyed every single minute of this experience!

Happy stitching!


Jennie in GA said...

I am impressed with what you have done. fFun!

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Sandy,
Your son looks so amazing and the photo is really authentic looking!!
How fun for both of you!!
Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend!!
Warm Hugs~

HomeSpunPrims said...

What a great picture Sandy! It really does look authentic. Thanks for showing us. Your soldier is a handsome fellow!! Hugs, Lori

marly said...

Wow. Fabulous!

Z.E. Whitlow said...

Awww shucks. Thanks everyone! It really was fun to sit for that picture!

Mary said...

VERY cool photo! I thought it was an antique until I read your post.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Very cool!!!
Hugs :)

Jeanne said...

That's amazing, you'd never know it was a modern photo! What a fun thing to have.