Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome Home Sweet Sisters

I guess you all know by now that I love old photos, especially ones of children and even more especially of sisters wearing pretty calico dresses. Imagine my delight the other day when I was browsing eBay and chanced upon a photo that looked oh so familiar. It was of a sweet pair of sisters that I had actually once owned and then decided to sell. I can't even remember what possessed me to sell these little cuties in the first place but as of today, they are in my collection once more!  Their names are not given but I do know that they lived near Easton, PA. I'm so happy these sweet sisters found their way back to me and definitely don't plan on parting with them any time soon!

Happy stitching!


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Sandy,
So very happy those sweet sisters found their way back to you!!! How wonderful for that to happen!! Hooray for you!!!
I don't know why but I love those old photos too!!
Hope you are managing to keep cool!
Sending Hugs~

Judi Hunziker said...

Wonderful picture Sandy, the dresses and boots are fabulous.

Rebecca said...

Love these old photos! Glad you found them again! Easton is just a few miles east of me. It's the home of Crayola Crayons!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I adore old photos too! So pleased you found them :)


HomeSpunPrims said...

Hi Sandy,
Well it was just meant to be those girls came back to live with you! It's a sweet picture. Love their dresses and boots.
hugs, Lori