Monday, July 26, 2010

1872 Sampler

I found the pattern for this reproduction 1872 sampler in the September 2006 issue of "Cross-Stitch & Needlework" and just had to stitch it. I know that 1872 is well past the heyday of sampler making in America so found this piece a little intriguing. Interestingly, even as early as 1834, Mrs. L. Maria Child wrote in The Girl's Own Book that:
Indelible ink is now so much in use, that the general habit of marking samplers is almost done away: but like many other old-fashioned things, it is a very good thing. There are times in everybody's life when it is convenient to know how to mark the letters of the alphabet; good taste may be shown in it, as well as in other branches of needle-work; and, at all events, it is a safe and pretty employment for idle little fingers.
I love stitching these old samplers and this one was especially fun to work on. I initially thought I might get bored using just a single color of floss throughout but that didn't happen at all. The frame is actually one I already had but I think it looks like it was made to go with this piece. I love it when that happens!

Happy stitching!


Suzanne said...

Just came by to say "hi"! I'm enjoying reading your posts. Your needlework and dolls are beautiful!
Welcome to blogland! :)

Lana said...

Good morning! Suzanne told me about your blog and I thought I'd pop over and say hello! I have a copy of Mrs. Child's book and enjoy reading it now and then. Your sampler is beautiful!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your sampler is beautiful, thanks for sharing, Carolyn

Heather said...

this is very sweet! You do great work :)

The Humble Stitcher said...

Thank you, everyone! I am really enjoying "blogland" and think I've just about got the hang of things around here. It's really great to meet so many kindred spirits.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

I just found your sweet blog and wanted to stop by to say hello and welcome! I love your samplers and all your doll wonderful! Would love to invite you to stop by my blog for a visit too!

The Humble Stitcher said...

Thanks, Julie. I just visited your blog and felt right at home. I especially love your wonderful pinkeeps....they are lovely!