Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Favorite China Head Doll

I would like to introduce you to my favorite china head doll, Mary Elizabeth. I purchased her about six years ago on eBay and she was the first antique doll that I ever bought. To date, she is my only china head to be dressed as a child. Along with her came a paper dated 1985 that reads:
This doll dates back to the Civil War period. She may have been owned by my Grandmother Bragdon (nee Mary Elizabeth Hodgkins) or my Grandmother Small (nee Mary Elizabeth Allen). She is in mint condition except for a small stain on the skirt.....This doll should be kept and passed down but always on display or in Safe Deposit box. Too valuable for children to play with...
While I feel very fortunate to have her in my little collection of antique dolls, a part of me feels sad that there was no one in her original family that wanted her or perhaps there was no one left to pass her down to. So, in honor of her first "Mama", I named her Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Elizabeth stands slightly less than nine inches tall so she is small for a china head yet her clothing is beautifully made. It is entirely hand sewn with perfect little stitches. Her petticoat and drawers are both hemmed with cotton sweet!

The stitches in her dress hem are nearly flawless and so tiny. I wish I knew who made the clothing...maybe a mother, grandmother or even an older sister. If only Mary Elizabeth could talk, oh what stories she could tell!



Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh!!! My, she is wonderful! Mary Elizabeth, what a beautiful name. Love her dress, thanks for sharing your treasure!

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I saw this doll pineed on Pinterest and came to visit. She's lovely. And her dress is scrumptious. :-)

Chris said...

I bet if Elizabeth could talk she’d endlessly tell stories of her adventures in China and who her previous owners were. If only dolls could talk, they’ll be the best companion any girl can have!

Chris Jeffery