Thursday, June 16, 2016

Schoolhouse Sampler

I love visiting old one-room schoolhouses whenever I come across them and imagine that many of you do, too. My fascination with these wonderful old buildings inspired my most recent design called  "Schoolhouse Sampler". I hope you like it!

The pattern for this little sampler is available in my Etsy shop for those of you who might want to stitch one for yourself. I had a lot of fun designing this one and hope you will enjoy stitching it as well.

Happy stitching!


Jeanne said...

Very nice !! Love it. I'm almost done with your belsnickel pattern. I LOVED stitching it.

The Humble Stitcher said...

Thank you, Jeanne! I'm glad you enjoyed stitching him :)

Robin in Virginia said...

What subject matter for a sampler! Will have to add it to my collection soon. Enjoy your weekend!

The Humble Stitcher said...

Thanks so much, Robin. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too :)